A retainer is an orthodontic device worn after dental braces and other orthodontic equipment have been removed. It is made of plastic and metal and fits over the top of the teeth and mouth for each patient. Retainers are required for each patient who has had orthodontic treatment.

Is it possible for me to have a retainer that will last forever?

On their lower teeth, the majority of patients qualify for permanent retainers. Permanent retainers may be a better option if you have problems with your bone health. Permanent retainers, on the other hand, may not be a smart idea if your bite is aligned in such a manner that you risk biting into it or if the retainers lead you to change the way you bite down. For this reason, many patients do not opt for a permanent upper retainer. This is something you should inquire about with your orthodontist.

What can I do to reduce troubles with a fixed retainer to a minimal level?

 The first line of defense for your retainer is to stay away from meals that are extremely hard or crunchy. Also, avoid putting foreign objects in your mouth, such as fingers or pens/pencils. Plaque in the area can be reduced by maintaining proper oral hygiene (brushing around and under the retainer and flossing on a regular basis). Plaque weakens the glue, making it easier for the retainer to come loose from your teeth. Additionally, regular dental cleanings will prevent too much tartar from forming in the area, making it much easier for you to clean the retainers at home. The dentist or hygienist who cleans your teeth may not be able to clean your teeth without breaking the retainer if you have a lot of tartar build-up. How can I tell that my fixed retainer is broken?

The majority of people are unable to detect a broken retainer immediately away. If the retainer moves around in any way, it could be a sign that it is broken. Many people are unaware that their retainer has cracked until their teeth have shifted. It’s crucial to check your retainer on a regular basis to discover if any parts have come loose or are no longer linked to your teeth.

If my fixed retainer breaks, what should I do?

If your retainers break, make an appointment with your orthodontist soon away. This must be replaced in order for the retainer to function properly. Any time you wait for the retainer to be repaired or replaced, your teeth will migrate again. The only option to correct a displaced set of teeth is to return to active treatment (meaning more braces or aligners). If seeing your orthodontist is not an option, call the nearest orthodontic practice and make an appointment as soon as feasible.

5 Tips for Taking Care of Your Retainer

You finally have a lovely smile after months or years of orthodontic treatment! With it comes the added obligation of wearing a retainer to keep it in place. Retainers are useful for a variety of reasons, but the most common is to keep your teeth in their new locations after braces have been removed. You may need to wear your retainer for a few years or longer, depending on your situation, which means you’ll need to become used to wearing and caring for it. Here are a few pointers to make living with retainers a little easier.

Stay away from the heat

Keep a Retainer on hand as a backup

Keep your retainer and case clean on a regular basis

Use Caution When Placing Your Retainer

Make Sure You Don’t Lose Your Retainer

Maintaining your retainers will help you keep your teeth looking fantastic and get the most out of your investment. To avoid your teeth shifting and perhaps needing braces later in life, make sure you wear your retainers every day or as advised by your orthodontist.


Maintaining your retainer will help you keep your teeth looking fantastic and get the most out of your investment.


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A retainer is an orthodontic device worn after braces.


After braces have been used to straighten your teeth, you’ll need a retainer to protect them from moving.

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