Affordable and Long Lasting Dental Bridges in Dubai

Dental bridge procedure is a restorative dental treatment to replace missing teeth. The dental bridge fills the gap in the mouth between healthy teeth  on either side to restore both the function and appearance of teeth. Missing teeth can have a big influence on your smile’s beauty and overall health. It’s critical to understand the treatment options available to you if you’re looking for a missing tooth solution. Understanding your treatment options will assist you in determining the best option for you.

We feel that acquiring a dental bridge in Dubai is a cost-effective option to restore a missing tooth at Hollywood smile Dental Clinic. Be confident with your smile and grab our fixed bridge treatment. Bridges come in a variety of materials, the most prevalent of which being metal and porcelain. They are normally made up of two crowns that cover two anchoring teeth and are linked to an artificial tooth that fills the gap left by a lost tooth. Bridges can also be used to replace multiple lost teeth in a single region. Non-removable dental bridges are used to replace missing teeth.

Dental bridges are extremely long-lasting. They also keep your face in shape, prevent other teeth from shifting, improve chewing, and brighten your smile.

What Is a Dental Bridge and How Does It Work?

A dental bridge is a typical dental treatment that replaces missing natural teeth with one or more artificial teeth made of resin or porcelain. A bridge is a device that is attached to crowns that anchor the device to natural teeth. It is also known as a filler, artificial teeth, or a partial denture. To effectively attach the bridge and hold the prosthetic teeth in place, the crown may cover two or more teeth. If natural teeth aren’t an option, your dentist may suggest implanting teeth on each side of the bridge to keep it in place.

During the installation process, what should you expect?

Your dentist will begin preparing the anchor or abutment teeth after determining that a dental bridge is the best approach for replacing your missing teeth. This preliminary treatment is normally done under local anesthetic, and it is not a particularly painful procedure.

The bridge will be installed during your second appointment. Your new dental bridge may feel hefty at first, but this should pass as you become accustomed to the new prosthetic. Your dentist will check the bridge and make any required changes for any discomfort or pain you’re feeling during the third and final follow-up exam.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Taking care of your dental bridge is similar to taking care of your natural teeth. Flossing on a regular basis will also assist to avoid gum disease and tooth decay. When flossing with a bridge, you must floss around your natural teeth as well as move the floss between the bridge’s base and the gum tissue. The most effective approach to remove plaque and dirt from the underside of a bridge is to floss once a day. Traditional floss may suffice, but many patients with dental appliances prefer Waterpiks for their convenience.

A missing tooth can make you self-conscious, but it can also affect your mouth’s functionality.

A dental bridge may be especially appealing because, unlike an implant, it does not necessitate surgery. This blog will discuss how bridges improve the appearance and function of your smile if you’re contemplating tooth replacement options.

What is the purpose of a dental bridge?

Your teeth are intertwined. If a tooth is missing, adjacent teeth may erupt to fill the gap. Your opposing jaw’s teeth can also slide up and down toward the space. This can lead to:

Bite issues.

Problems with chewing

Extra stress on your teeth and jaw causes pain.

Self-consciousness about your appearance or grin.

fixed bridge

Dental bridge procedure is a restorative dental treatment to replace missing teeth.


250 - 300 AED


Dental bridge

A dental bridge is a permanent appliance that replaces a missing tooth or missing teeth.

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Dental bridges are an alternative to partial dentures

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