Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is a dental procedure used to treat infected or damaged teeth. The pulp, or soft tissue inside the tooth, is removed during the surgery, and the root canals are cleaned, shaped, and filled with a particular substance to stop infection. At Hollywood Smile Dental Clinic, our skilled specialist removes the diseased pulp before beginning the root canal procedure. The final step of the procedure is filling.

When there is serious tooth decay, an abscess, trauma, or fissures in the tooth that expose the pulp to microorganisms, a root canal operation is typically advised. Sensitivity to hot or cold meals, excruciating toothaches, gum swelling, or discolored teeth are signs that you may need a root canal.

The dentist will numb the region around the troubled tooth and make an access hole to the pulp chamber during the treatment. The damaged or contaminated tissue will then be removed by the specialist, who will next use specialized tools to clean the canals. After the root canals are carefully cleaned and formed, gutta-percha is used to fill them, and dental cement is used to seal them.

Importance of Root Canal Treatment

A critical dental operation called a root canal might rescue a tooth that has been badly decayed or infected. Some of the main arguments in favor of root canal therapy include the following:

Relieves pain: When a deep cavity or fracture has reached the tooth’s nerve or pulp, producing excruciating pain and sensitivity, root canal treatment is frequently advised. The operation can offer instant pain and discomfort alleviation by removing the infected or inflamed tissue and closing the root canal.

Prevents tooth loss:  An unhealthy or infected tooth can eventually die and need to be removed if it is not addressed. By removing the harmed pulp and conserving the tooth’s natural structure, a root canal can save the tooth, avoiding the need for extraction and any associated difficulties brought on by losing teeth.

Improves oral health:  Serious consequences, such as the spread of bacteria to other bodily areas, might result from an untreated infected tooth. The infection can be removed using a root canal, which can also enhance general dental health and restore healthy tooth function.

Helps maintain natural appearance: The original tooth structure is preserved with a root canal, allowing patients to keep their natural smiles without the need for complicated restorative operations.

In conclusion, a root canal is an essential surgery that can offer quick pain relief, stop tooth loss, enhance oral health, and preserve the teeth’s natural appearance.

Root Canal Therapy

To treat a diseased tooth, a root canal treatment is a serious dental health surgery.

Is a root canal painful?

The discomfort that comes with a root canal is often mild to severe, although it can be controlled with local anesthetic and painkillers. Your dentist will take all essential precautions to make sure you’re at ease throughout the process. After the procedure, some individuals may have mild soreness or sensitivity; however, this can be treated with over-the-counter painkillers. It is crucial to remember that ignoring dental problems can result in more serious difficulties including infection. In order to maintain good oral health, it is crucial to act quickly on your dentist’s recommendations if they suggest a root canal.

What are the signs that you need a root canal?

A severe cavity or a damaged tooth brought on by trauma or inheritance may require a root canal. Patients should seek relevant treatment as soon as they become aware that their teeth are sensitive to heat and cold.

Here are some common signs that you may need a root canal:

  1.   Severe tooth pain often worsens when you bite down or apply pressure.
  2.   Sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures that lingers even after the source of the heat or cold has been removed.
  3.   Swelling or tenderness in the surrounding gums.
  4.   Darkening or discoloration of the affected tooth.
  5.   A recurring pimple or bump on the gums near the affected tooth.
  6.   An abscess or infection in the tooth or gums.
  7.   Tooth mobility or looseness.

It’s crucial to see a dentist as soon as you can if you encounter any of these signs. If a root canal is required to save your tooth, your dentist will make that determination. Get a free dental consultation at Hollywood Smile Dental Clinic. To ensure you receive only the best care, our dentists are executing each surgery with the highest precision and attention.

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If left untreated, inflammation can result in an abscess or cause excruciating suffering.

RCT (Root Canal Treatment)

250 - 300 AED


We offer root canal treatment for only 250–300 AED.

Root Canal Treatment

The purpose of root canal treatment is to clear the infected root of teeth, prevent reinfection, and preserve the natural tooth.

Advanced Endodontic Care

The diagnosis and treatment of the pulp and its related tissues are the main goals of the dentistry speciality known as advanced care. The soft, innermost portion of the tooth that contains connective tissue, blood vessels, and nerves is called the pulp. If this area develops an infection or inflammation as a result of damage or decay, it can cause excruciating pain and, if addressed, result in tooth loss.

Dentists are specially trained to identify and handle complicated cases, including root canal, retreatment of failing root canals, and operations like apicoectomy (surgical removal of the root tip). Additionally, they employ cutting-edge technologies to enhance patient comfort and optimize treatment outcomes, such as microscopes and digital radiography.

Dentists collaborate extensively with other dental experts to arrange comprehensive treatment strategies for their patients in addition to treating diseased pulp. When a tooth requires both root canal and restoration, such as crowns or bridges, collaboration may be necessary.

In general, improved root canal treatment is crucial for maintaining healthy teeth and encouraging oral hygiene. Dentists assist their patients in maintaining healthy, functional mouths for years to come by treating dental issues as soon as they arise and successfully.

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