Dental Filling in Dubai

At some point in their lives, everyone has had to deal with dental filling and had to have their teeth redone. If your teeth are decayed, Don’t worry! the Dentist will remove the decayed portion of the tooth and fill the area on the tooth, where the decayed material was removed to treat a cavity. If you have moderate tooth decay caused by plaque, dental filling is the best option. Plaque is where germs thrive. It works by filling cavities and restoring the shape, appearance, and function of the teeth without compromising their integrity. It’s a quick way to get rid of small bacterial problems, and you’ll be back to your busy schedule before you even realize the discomfort was ever there. Other tooth restoration options, such as gold or ceramic crowns, are more expensive than amalgam and tooth-colored fillings.

We offer tooth filling to replace the part of the tooth destroyed by tooth decay. Where the damaged and decayed part of a tooth is removed and the area is filled with a replacement material, to protect against further damage and to restore the tooth’s appearance and function.

To treat a tooth with decay, fissures, or fractures, we utilize tooth-colored fillings at Hollywood Smile Dental Clinic. The decayed area of the tooth is removed and the cavity is replaced with a tooth-colored composite material. Although tooth-colored fillings are the most attractive because they match the color of your teeth, silver amalgam fillings are occasionally the greatest option. Our white dental filling in Dubai are long-lasting, however they may need to be replaced after a while.

Dental fillings come in a variety of materials and can be filled in one of two ways:

Direct Filling 
After cleaning out the decay/area and contouring the cavity to hold the filling material, the fillings are inserted directly into the damaged region of the tooth. A bonding substance is then used to apply materials such as amalgam or composite resin to the area. With the help of a particular light, the substance hardens swiftly. Layers of fillings are added. The last layer is contoured to provide a more natural appearance.

Indirect Filling
These procedures entail the implantation of custom-made fillings created from a mold of the injured tooth. Both techniques require the administration of a local anesthetic, however indirect fillings necessitate at least two dental appointments.

Your Dental health is at your mercy too!

Although dentists do their best to keep you pain-free, it is the responsibility of the patient to maintain a healthy lifestyle and follow specific post-procedure behaviors.
Only consume soft, easily masticated foods for the first few meals to allow tooth filling to settle down properly. Ceramic fillings set instantaneously with the use of a blue dental light, whereas gold, amalgam, and composite fillings take roughly 24-48 hours to set.

If you experience pain, you should take pain medication if necessary, and if it does not relieve your symptoms, you should contact us right soon.
Avoid extremely hot and cold foods and beverages. can cause the fillings to come loose. Avoid foods that are hard, chewy, or sticky. Chew on the side of your mouth opposite the filling.

We hope that these few pointers are helpful, but if you detect any problems with your teeth, mouth, or fillings, please contact Hollywood Smile Dental clinic right once.

Dental Filling (Pasta) at Hollywood Smile Dental Clinic?

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Tooth Filling

The decayed area of the tooth is removed and the cavity is replaced with a tooth-colored composite material.


100 AED


Teeth Filling

Dental fillings are single or combinations of metals, plastics, glass or other materials used to repair or restore teeth.

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