Tooth Removal

Tooth removal is the process of removing a tooth from its socket in the jawbone. For a number of reasons, such as tooth decay, gum disease, crowding, trauma, or in advance of receiving orthodontic treatment, teeth may need to be removed. Under local anesthetic, the surgery is normally carried out by a dentist or oral surgeon, and one or more teeth may need to be extracted. The dentist will examine the patient’s medical history and take X-rays to evaluate the tooth’s condition and the surrounding bone before performing the removal process. The patient may be referred to an oral surgeon for the operation depending on how complex the case is.

Following the tooth removal, the dentist will give you post-operative care recommendations, which may include taking painkillers, avoiding crunchy or hard foods, and keeping the region clean. The patient will typically be able to return to their regular activities within a few days. Even though tooth removal is a routine and often risk-free treatment, there are some possible dangers and issues, such as infection, bleeding, nerve damage, injury to neighboring teeth or bones, and others. Any worries or inquiries patients may have concerning the surgery should be brought up with their dentist or oral surgeon.

Your dentist may decide to remove your tooth as a last resort if it is damaged or decayed and cannot be restored with a filling or crown. Tooth removal is available at Hollywood Smile Dental Clinic for just 100-300 AED (depends on the case).

Removal may be the best option when a tooth cannot be preserved. Your dentist will discuss your options with you during your consultation. If you think you might require removal, make an appointment with the specialist.

What is the purpose of tooth extraction?

Removing a tooth from its jawbone socket is the goal of tooth removal. There are many situations in which you could need to have a removal. As an illustration, if you have;

Tooth decay: It might not be possible to restore a badly decayed tooth with a filling or crown. To stop further harm to the gums and teeth around the tooth in these situations, it could be necessary to remove the tooth.

Gum disease: The bone and tissue supporting the teeth may weaken when gum disease reaches an advanced stage. The impacted teeth might need to be removed in some circumstances.

Overcrowding: In some circumstances, it may be necessary to remove teeth to make room for braces or to get ready for dentures.

Trauma: If a tooth can’t be restored after suffering trauma from an accident or sports injury, it may need to be pulled.

Wisdom teeth: Wisdom teeth, may need to be removed if they are impacted, diseased, or causing discomfort or harm to neighboring teeth.

Even though it’s not always the best option, removal may be required to safeguard the mouth’s general health and stop additional injury or infection. To determine whether removal is the best course of action, dentists thoroughly examine each situation. Typically, a tooth will be removed by the dentist during your surgery. Your removal, however, might be carried out in a hospital by an oral surgeon if it is more difficult. Most of the time, you can go back home that day.

All dental issues are handled by our skilled and knowledgeable experts at Hollywood Smile Dental Clinic. We would be pleased to assist you in maintaining oral health if you are having dental pain or considering removal.

What is the procedure for removing a tooth?

The two primary methods used to remove teeth are simple & surgical removal. The position and health of the tooth will determine the suggested operation type.

Simple Extraction:

This kind of extraction is carried done on teeth with a straightforward root structure that is visible in the mouth. The tooth’s surrounding area will be numbed by a local anesthetic applied by the dentist, who will then use specialized tools to loosen the tooth and extract it from the socket.

Surgical Extraction:

This kind of extraction is used to remove teeth with complicated root structures or those that are difficult to reach, including impacted teeth. To access the tooth and remove it, a gum tissue incision could be necessary. To make removal easier, the tooth could occasionally need to be divided into smaller pieces.

Both extraction methods are typically secure and efficient. Each case will be carefully examined by the dentist to decide the best course of action and reduce any possible hazards or consequences.

To help maintain the structure of the jawbone and neighboring teeth, additional operations, such as bone grafting or socket preservation, may occasionally be carried out while the tooth is being removed. Any worries or inquiries patients may have concerning the operation should be brought up with their dentist.

The last teeth in the mouth to erupt are the third molars. They often take place in the back of the mouth between the ages of 17 and 24.

Most of the time, wisdom teeth cannot be accommodated in the mouth. Removal is common because wisdom teeth frequently erupt partly, leaving teeth that are not fully functional. Additionally, a wisdom tooth could become impacted, or stuck in an awkward position. Hollywood Smile Clinic is providing a free consultation.

At Hollywood Smile Dental Clinic, we offer removal quickly and without any pain or discomfort. Costs associated with tooth removal vary from case to case. The cost of a normal removal is 100 – 300 AED (depends on the case), while a surgical removal is 400 AED and above (depends on this case). Make an appointment to discuss any issue. Our team of professionals and people with great qualifications offers top-notch oral surgery.

Teeth Removal

Infection, crowding, or severe dental decay may need tooth removal.

Teeth Removal

100-300 AED


Teeth Removal

It won’t take long for you to be a pain- and discomfort-free after painless tooth removal

Aftercare Following Tooth Removal

After removal, proper aftercare is crucial to encourage healing and avoid complications. Common recommendations for aftercare are as follows:

Bite down on gauze: The dentist or oral surgeon will cover the socket with gauze to stop bleeding after the tooth is removed. For around 30-45 minutes, or as instructed by a dental professional, bite down on the gauze.

Take pain medication as directed: To treat discomfort, the dentist may recommend or prescribe over-the-counter pain relievers. As directed, take your medication.

Avoid smoking and alcohol: For at least 24 hours following the procedure, refrain from smoking and consuming alcohol as these activities can hinder recovery and raise the possibility of problems.

Eat soft foods: For the first few days after the operation, only eat soft foods. Don’t eat anything spicy, hot, or crunchy because they may aggravate the extraction site.

Keep the area clean: To maintain the extraction site clean, gently rinse your mouth with warm salt water several times per day. Don’t brush or floss around the extraction site.

Follow up with the dentist: Make a follow-up visit with your dentist or oral surgeon to check on your recovery and monitor healing.

Following these recommendations can aid in promoting healing and avoiding issues after tooth removal. Contact your dental professional right away if you notice any signs of infection, extreme pain, or significant bleeding.

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